Camping pack list

I’m going to break this into categories. Items marked with * : can be viewed as nice to haves,




Sleeping bags
*Air mattress, pump or mattress pads (depending on the type of camping some may consider this a nice to have)

Kitchen ware

Dinner ware(plates, cutlery, wine/bottle opener, scissors)
Long sturdy tongs
Cups (I get pretty grumpy without my morning cup of Joe)
Knife – we bring a fairly harmless serrated steak knife
Dish wash liquid (if you can look for the bio degradable kind-hearted good for the environment ☺️), scrubber


Tea, coffee
Seasoning (salt,pepper,sugar)
Small bottle of oil. I get the oil already cans. Quick, simple and no mess.
Camping food.


Dress for the weather. Even if it’s perfect shorts weather you mystifying want to pack a pair of long pants if you plan on hiking. Poison ivy, oaks, ticks, bugs… Yeah.. long pants are the best.
Shoes, flip flops
Tshirts, camis, wind breaker, sweater, hoodie (depending on the weather)
1 pair long pants, 1 pair shorts


Light source (all or any; headlamp, table lamp, torch)
Navigation: device or as apps: GPS, compass
*Table cloth for picnic table
Clothes line, rope (multi purpose)
Bug spray
Towel. Although personally I prefer a sarong instead. They are thin and dry pretty quick if you are using it as a towel and can double as a long scarf or a picnic blanket.

If you forget something – don’t panic. Pretty much every campsite has a store at a driving distance. Or make friends with your neighbors. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun 😊 . Enjoy!


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