A visit to the Doctor 

My first thought – medical in the US is expensive. My second thought – thank god for insurance. My advise – get your medical done while you are still employed.

If you are looking for where to find a travel doctor ; your best bet is to talk to your primary physician and ask for recommendations. I got a list from mine. Once I booked the appointment with the travel doc, the process itself was fairly straightforward.

Fill out a form listing countires you plan on visiting and vaccines you have received. Meet the doctor. B and I booked our appointments back to back. So we just walked in together and met with the doc in a single session.


Tetanus- if you have got one in the last 10yrs then you don't need another. B got lucky. Me- not so much 😦

Typhoid- you have the option to choose from a single shot or 5 tablets to be had every other day on an empty stomach. I was quick to jump on latter option. The tablets have to be refrigerated, something about it being live..

Malaria- depending on the region you are traveling to and how long you plan on staying there you get a pack of tablets. Dosage; to be had three days before getting to the region, every day while you there and for a week after from what I remember.

Travellers diarrhea- a pack of tablets. I'll have to read the instructions on this one. Hopefully I'll never have to…

The entire visit lasted about half hr. And then it was time to pay up…. Shocked! Surprised! Unbelievable! It came up to $30/- for both of us together!!! OMG! I don't understand it after all the horror stories ive read on the steep cost… The only thing I can say is thanks for insurance!

Physical: I scheduled an annual physical with my primary physician, told her I would be on the road for atleat 12 month if not more.

Also spend some time discussing options to transfer my records overseas if there is a need. Got her personal email and contacts from the clinic.

Eye doctor: Got my eye exam done and ordered a years supply of contact lenses. I use one of those pairs that last a month. And discussed options for transferring my records over if I wanted to.

Dental: I skipped this.

I think i've covered the basics here… That should be good to certify that I'm travel ready


It's always good to have a contact of where you need to go or whom you need to reach out to in case of medical emergencies or the simple fact that you may want your records transfered at some point.

Talk yours doctors and /clinic staff on what the process is. A contact card that you can hold on to its good. I just add the details to my contact list and let it sync across devices.

I prefer to get a hard copy of my eye glass and contact lens prescription. Handy when need to order a new pair or run out of contact when on the road.





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