Goodbye good ol’paycheck!

today I said farewell to my paycheck. Stability, predictability, comfort and confidence of a growing pile of chi-ching. 

I have been anticipating this of months on end now. The day I would say – I quit. I’m moving on to focus on life and having my career take the backseat for now. 

The first reactions were of course- what? Why? When? After all millions like me would kill for a job at one of the if not the most profitable tech company in the world.

Come to think of it – I do find my self in a unique position to have choices. To have the opportunity to say this is good, but I have better options. After all for most Indians and international students like me, America is the land of dreams. For a generation of 20somethings to finish school, get a job, their first car, and first of many-s. 

I look back at the things I have achieved, the success I have seen and the lessons I have learnt. I look back at the past 10yrs with fond memories and the look forward to the adventures in store over the next 10. 

B keeps wanting to know if I’m doing alright. Checking to make sure I feel comfortable. Giving me the support to say it totally OK to say- stop. I want to stay. 

I feel good. For the first time ever I feel liberated in not having a job. In not being forced to keep a job for the want of a visa. 

Yes. I feel good. 

And how do we choose celebrate this memorable day? With champs of course ☺️



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